Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Driving in the Countryside With My Mom

There is nothing more relaxing than driving out in the country. Living out here in Amish country is wonderful, relaxing and fun yet I know so little about it even still. I moved out here about five years ago from Largo, Florida, coming home from being out of state for nearly ten years. Down in Florida, you leave your driveway and stomp on the accelerator, because traffic is endless and fast paced. I used to live a block away from one of the most dangerous intersections in the state, people kept getting hit by cars and there were countless major car accidents all of the time. It was total hell and moving out to rural Geauga County, Ohio was, and is a dream come true to me. No Florida traffic jams, irate drivers and stress. Just blissful, wonderful peace.

Frequently, mom and I like to go exploring around the area, since she and dad moved from Beachwood four years ago to be near me. I'm so glad that they did, and we now have a kinder, gentler existence. I inherited my love of exploring and travel from my mom especially, we like to drive down streets we don't know, and find places that are new to visit. So far we've really found some fantastic greenhouses, restaurants, farm markets and more. Who knew that the countryside would yield so much to see and do?! I didn't. Before living out here, we'd come out to Burton Greenhouse when I was a kid, and thought at that time that there wasn't much else out here in the boonies. So wrong! We've only just begun. I'd like to check out auctions, other greenhouses and more places further out. For me, I'm limited by my car, which isn't very strong. Next year I'll try to get another one that is more reliable to take longer road trips without worry. It's a long term goal. Until then, we stay in Geauga County, and mom and I do our mini travels here and there with her car. It's bonding for us, and means so much to me since we didn't get along so well when we were younger. As time goes on, she mellows and is nicer, which makes me feel closer to her. And, she likes me more, too.

Today we went to a lovely little farm market in Troy, Ohio. It had gorgeous produce, fresh picked and sold by the Amish. There were also baked goods, many of the traditional Amish kinds such as Whoopie Pies, fruit pies, fry pies, homemade breads and such. I was proud of myself, not buying any bakery items, just a bunch of berries (blackberries and raspberries) so I can make my own pies, along with other produce such onions and tomatoes. Mom got herself some, too and we left, happy to have discovered a new place for buying fresh, healthy goods. She and dad usually go to our old favorite market further away called Miles Market, but this place was closer by far. It's a keeper.

After that, we discovered a big greenhouse full of beautiful, bushy and healthy plants called Urban Growers. They had some really exotic hydrangea plants that I liked but I've finished buying plants for my garden for the year. Mom got one plant, and we will be back in the Spring next year. They had a good variety of plants but their inventory is a bit low due to it being late in the planting season. Still, they were very helpful and kind, and all the plants are well taken care of. It's good to make a mental note of, and being in greenhouses to me is one of the most relaxing and fun activities around. Being a "Type A" personality (high strung inside), I like to keep my mind calm by being in nature, around flowers and plants or animals. Mom, too. We both love gardening, always have, so it's always fun to find new greenhouses and nurseries. There's another in Madison that we will have to go to next, it's huge, and mom told me about it. Madison used to be a world away from us when we lived in town, but now that we're here, it's not all that far. And the drive out to pretty much anyplace we go is always pastoral farm scenes, old towns with over-century old homes here and there. It makes me wonder what life was like a hundred years ago, when there weren't so many people, where horses were transportation and houses were fewer and far between. Going way out in the boonies is like stepping back in time, to a slower pace of living, with beautiful scenery and fresh air.

It was a successful trip, of many more to come. Now I'm back home, mom and dad are back on their front porch, enjoying their evening. I'm resting, very tired but happy. Dad wanted to stay home, he's not into being adventurous but likes to take care of their cats, read and keep busy with his projects. When we're out, he gets his well-needed alone time. They have two little semi-wild kittens living on their porch, and dad loves watching them play and taming them. Whatever makes him happy. He's looking and feeling well, getting checked by his nurses and doctor on a weekly basis. It's so great that he gets to enjoy life the way he wants it..peacefully, after a briliant and stressful career. I love seeing him smile and enjoy himself like he does.

As for me, my health isn't great..I'm battling infections in my system that frequently make me feel very sick here and there, but slowly with this wonderful country life, my body heals a little at a time. My stomach is always bothering me so it looks like I need to go back to the doctor to find out what is wrong. I'm busy watching what I eat, losing weight and being more mindful of health. One step at a time. Getting my teeth fixed is a huge help, and responsible for my progress. It's all a process. I keep positive and just hope for the best. And plan for the next road trip with mom :)