Saturday, August 31, 2013

Keeping Busy Working on My Stores and Baking Things

It's more than a fulltime job to run my Zazzle stores. Other elite level store owners have family or maybe even employees to help them, I do it all myself. I know it's best to delegate work and let go of some of the control and I would, but it all costs quite a bit and I'm not ready to make that investment yet. I'm ok and am glad to be home, doing what I love so it's not bothering me at all. It's nice not to need to deal with office politics, commuting, and all of that. So, I keep my head down and work. It feels good to see my daily sales rosters grow, as a result. It's all good.

Lately, Zazzle has updated our phone cases (used for iPhones, Samsung, Motorola and other brands)from Speck to CaseMate. In the migration, they transfer our (already designed by us) images to the new case. Unfortunately, many of the times, the result comes out with the designs too big or askew. So, I have a veritable MOUNTAIN of cases to go in and redo, as many, many oversized designs of mine float around in the marketplace, waiting to be fixed. The customer can do it themselves most of the time, but I like replacing the messed up ones with correct, accurate images. So, I'm lying on my bed, circulator and ceiling fans going full blast, with the Tonight Show on in the background as I do this. As I have, all day from early morning. Today I was going to go to the fair in Burton but I decided not to. I'm feeling kind of weak and not in the mood to go spend a bunch of money. Love fair food but it doesn't love me. I'd pig out on too many calories and be worth nothing afterwards, plus it takes time out of my work to do that, on a very hot day. Better to stay home and work. Make money instead of spend it..that's a plan. I'll go next year. My parents went and said it was fun but very hot and humid, just getting water there was $1.50! What a ripoff. Glad I stayed in.

Pie I made today

Mid-afternoon, I did take a break to make a blueberry/raspberry crumb pie, using raspberries from a local Amish market and my own blueberries from my bushes. It's easy to make,and full of anti-oxidants (yeah, I know, piecrust is fattening but it's better than 55 grams of fat for a fried whatever on a stick at the fair..that's my rationale, anyways.) As far as desserts go, it's one of the better ones to have, at least that's what was told to me many years ago when I lost weight at Jenny Craig. It's all about portion size and keeping active. Well, I went up and down my staircase a few times, and did some gardening, so that's the extent of today's exercise. The pie turned out good..not too sweet, just right. My cat Farrah held down the cookbook, she makes a good paperweight. So does her brother, Matisse. Last week, I was going to make something and got out a cookbook, then she flopped on I moved over, opened up another cookbook, then Matt flopped on that. They take their cookbooks seriously.

That's Farrah in the foreground, Matisse in the background..each with their own cookbook. And in the waaay background, see two male goldfinches, two of many who live on/at my feeders.

So, now it's midnight, and a warm breeze is coming in my open bedroom windows. Work is winding down for the night. I keep working until I can no longer concentrate (brain gets in a fog). Tomorrow is a new day, with new types of clothing to design, as well as work on more phone cases. Once I get caught up then I plan on getting my brain in gear to start doing more drawing. Drawing has been on "back burner" lately because I've been stressed with many things going on. To do my best work, I need as stress-free an environment as possible. Once these cases are done, stress will be lessened. It's not easy being so high strung, but I deal with it. Need sleeping pills in order to sleep, having been an insomniac all of my life. The nighttime is a good time to get work done. It only bothers me when I sleep too little then get exhausted the next day, not able to think straight. It's better to be rested than worn out! This soon-to-be 50 year old body needs to be treated's a quiter, gentler life now and that's ok by me. Need to get vitamins, to boost my system and help my health. It's a mission to get better, healthier and feel more energetic, one step at a time.