Thursday, July 18, 2013

July is Hot and Heavy Here in the Country

It's been very hot lately, the "Dog Days" of Summer have arrived early this year. Neither my parents' or my house have any air conditioning so in my case, I use ceiling fans and circulator floor fans to keep comfortable as possible. They do a good job, but when the humidity is high, that's where it gets less bearable. Today I left early to go see my parents, who are feeling the heat, too. I went with mom to her doctor's appointment (she's ok), and we both enjoyed the momentary air conditioning when we stopped at Walmart for groceries and then for lunch at Burger King. Dad stayed home because it's not good for him to be out in this 90 degree heat. We brought him some food and we all visited for awhile, then I went home to install the big fan I bought, in place of the stand fan I previously had that self-destructed in grand fashion (something went off-balance and the propellers carved out the cage, severing it in two before breaking off two of its propellers!) The moral to this story is to never buy plastic caged fans..get the metal ones instead. Much more durable and safe. I always get the circulator fans because they are stronger than the average fan, meant to really push the air around.

Other happenings..a plant was stolen from my garden by the totally pathetic lowlifes who live near me. Last year some cheap annuals were taken, but this year a very nice poppy was taken instead. Bottom feeders feel the need to take instead of be normal, decent people and get their own the moral way. Also, there was broken, jagged shards of glass sprinkled on top of my freshly added, clean dirt! I went into the Sherrif's Office and made a police report and though I have surveillance cameras up now, I'm buying better, more sophisticated surveillance cameras to cover every inch of my property (and record it). When I catch them, I will prosecute. This is the peaceful country, and things like this shouldn't be happening here. Certain people need to get lives and stop doing things to others due to resentment over those who have more than they do. It's a choice..if you want a better life you work for it..legitemately. Duh. I'm not a hell-raiser but I do know how to take care of business / defend myself, if necessary..and I will. No problem.

Otherwise, my garden looks fantastic, flowers are blooming like crazy, I'm harvesting peppers and blueberries, and birds are almost always at my feeders. I can't ask for better. It's so relaxing and peaceful, a rainbow of colors. Next year, assuming most plants live, it will be twice as big, more filled out.

Mom's gardens look amazing, she has worked very hard and it shows. Everything is growing like crazy, very lush and pretty. Once my garden is better established and has extra plants I'll give her some, and I bought peony seeds directly from China, so I can split the seeds with her and we both will try our luck at growing them. One type is pure white, single and the other is cherry red and white, single, both with numerous bright yellow stamens in the middle of the flowers. Gorgeous. I'll consult the County Extension Service to find out how to plant them correctly. I've never had much luck with seeds, but will try again. It's worth a try. Mom and I both just love peony plants..her single red peony is the most gorgeous (and huge) flowering plant I've ever seen.

If you were expecting "hot and heavy" to mean something else, sorry. No romance here at this moment. I'm busy losing weight and exercising by gardening (it burns calories like crazy, believe it or not). It takes time to get some weight off, have done it many times. I eat what I want but half the normal portions, drink lots of water and snack on things like hummus and whole wheat flatbread instead of very fattening things. Anyways, hot is the temperature, and heavy is the humidity! I'll still take this over a snowstorm any day. Time to go back to lying in front of the big fan..