Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Week of New Happenings

It's a flip-flop designing marathon! Now that Zazzle has flip-flops added into our designers' repertoire if we want to do them, and I'm busy doing some for my stores. Heck, I did a whole bunch. I notice that people are putting my products into their newsletters, thank you! Any publicity is good publicity and I appreciate it all. Now, to get them selling! It's early yet, so now I wait. It's all good.

Other news..got my hair cut and it's shoulder length now, feels much cooler than it did before and no longer looks like a bush. As hot as it's been, it's so much better this way. Maybe later I'll get it highlighted but for now, just getting off some of the bulk (well, a lot of bulk, actually) is good enough. I was just too hot with all that hair. It's all about comfort, out here in the country, not fashion.

This evening I watched "Extreme Weight Loss", very educational. Someone younger than I am by a few years lost half her weight on the show, within a year. She looks amazing. I'd like to lose some more weight, and apparently it takes a lot more exercise than I'm doing because I don't eat all that much and weight isn't coming off fast enough. I used to gain and lose weight easily, but it's easier to "plateau" now. So, it's time to buy some home workout tapes and start working out much more. Ugh. Have done it before, will do it again. Richard Simmons had some long ago that I used to use to keep my weight down, so it's time to get new ones like them. Must get off the weight to keep myself healthy/keep away the possibility of diabetes, as the years go by it becomes more important. My Mom and dad eat well and taking care of themselves. Gardening is mom's exercise (and mine) and dad (when he's healed more) will go back to doing exercise at the hospital (weight lifting, treadmill, etc under the watchful eyes of nurses). I'm so glad that they're careful, want them to be happy and healthy for many, many years to come!

Watching the birth of the royal baby on the news has been so heartwarming. I can't help but think about Princess Diana and how thrilled she would be that her son chose such a lovely young woman and has such a good head on his shoulders. Prince William will make sure his son is raised right, after the healthy role model he had in his mother. And Kate is going to have the best support, she will be a wonderful mother, I'm sure. It just seems like yesterday when Charles and Diana were bringing William home from the hospital! Time sure does fly. It's such a tragedy that Diana, who was such a loving, caring mother..is gone and unable to share in the celebration. But the baby is now here, and England celebrates. I've been to Buckingham Palace, and remember standing at the front gates, looking at the immense building. A friend and I nearly got flattened by a Bentley speeding by when we went to cross the street, too, lol. London is such an amazing place. Having been all over England and Wales, the countries are so beautiful and elegant, with such wonderful people (and traditions like "high tea")! They all come together to celebrate these special events with such gusto. Love it.