Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Catty Women..Can't We All Just Get Along

After years of listening to catty women putting eachother, and myself, down just for the sake of being rude and troublesome, I decided to write about it. For whatever reason, some women just take it upon themselves to make things up, lie, twist situations and then gossip / snipe to their target..and others..about it. It's funny to listen to, because it just shows how little self esteem the person has in doing that, getting false bravado by putting down others for their own "benefit" (laughs, whatever). To them, it's their duty to label, put down, try to compete and snip at others for any reason (rumors, jealousy, rudeness, etc). I've seen so many of these people in office pools, who just refuse to be nice and feel the need to be catty..they just can't help themselves. I'm so glad to not be a party to it, and avoid those people like the plague.

When I was a temp in corporate offices in my younger days, it was amazing how women could be so rude. I remember one time, the territorial office lady whose cubicle was next to mine walked by with a huge piece of cake. She was a tough older woman who had a thing about temps, just hated them. She said to me, "Temps can't have any cake because they aren't real employees". It wasn't the rule, it was just her trying to dominate / rule over me, the newcomer..in her eyes, I was there to take her job..in truth, I wasn't. A man I had gotten to know came up to me and asked if I'd like a piece, said he'd get it for me, so I said, "Thank you". and he brought me a nice sized piece, loaded with frosting flowers (the best kind). I proudly ate it at my desk, talking to him, as the nasty older woman glared in the distance. I seriously could care less about her and her opinions. Felt good to hold my head up high, do my job, and leave the job later when my contract ended. The best thing to do is play dumb with rude people, smile big and laugh at them for spending so much personal energy being unfriendly and aggressive. Don't dignify any of their behavior with getting mad..that's what they want you to do..they want to lessen you or ruin your day. Misery loves company.

Things I've overheard from catty women in the past..."She (me) has too much hair", "If she gets promoted again, I quit"(I got promoted back then because I didn't engage in office gossip and worked hard..very hard), "How come she gets to leave early?" (long ago, I'd done all my work and the boss had let me go home). Ladies..let's all just be nice to one another. Not fakey nice, but really kind, friendly and not looking to gain by putting others down. No passive-aggressiveness but genuine kindness. And for those who like to joke..when you make a joke at someone, it says more about you than it does about that person. And,you come across as petty and mean. Not all office women are this way, of course..most aren't that way..it's always one in every bunch, though. I just laugh to myself, that they put so much energy on thinking about me or whoever else they were trying to dig their claws in. My way of being is to be rational, in control and ignore those who want to cause trouble. Smile and wave, just smile and wave. For busybodies, those who just can't stop gossiping.. minding ones own business is a good idea. If it doesn't pertain to you, then you need to butt out. Common courtesy. There, I'm off of my soap box and having a wonderful day..in my home office. Life is good! :)