Wednesday, July 03, 2013

It's a Hot, Humid and Busy July So Far

It's been a busy month already for my parents and I. Dad is home from the hospital and doing well, getting stronger day by day but still needs to be monitored closely by his doctors and home nurse. I'm glad they keep an eye on him, he's in good hands and sounding so much more energetic and enthousiastic now that his gall bladder is gone. He's glad to be home with mom and the cats. He can enjoy this Independence Day tomorrow on their porch, watching the parade instead of stuck in a hospital bed. How boring that had to have been for him! But he's out and on the mend. Thank God!

As for me, I had dental work today and am so glad to have new temporaries on top, with my gums trimmed back (love that..bye, bye gummy smile). It's a process, fighting my own health issues (infection) but Dr. Slaten says it's looking better, slowly the infection is less strong. What a contrast from last year when it raged so badly and I had to sleep all of the time. Now I'm still tired but going with the flow. Despite having a lot of work done today I feel no pain tonight.Life is good!

The weather has been extremely humid. My hair currently pretty much looks like this:

Oh, the indignity of it all! I am getting it all trimmed later this month, to control this bushy insanity. In hot weather there are times where having short hair wouldn't be a bad idea..but I'm going to keep it long..too set in my ways to make drastic changes!

The Zazzle stores have now all been converted to their new format, which doesn't allow HTML coding. Now we wait to see how sales go, given the new look. I must admit I've been very worried but to my surprise, sales are coming in pretty well so far. And for this time of year with is never a great selling time. I am keeping the faith and taking a break from drawing for a bit, concentrating on my gardening and nice, soothing things.

The Ice plant bloometh!

These little plants are in my rock garden area. I saw them growing in large masses in California, and now they are for sale here in Ohio. I bought two, held my breath and planted them. And to my surprise, they look right at home where I planted them. I hope they make it through the winter..they're marked as perennials so I have high hopes.

My garden looks happy, nearly everything is growing and blooming. It feels good to see the plants, some were rescued from Home Depot and other venues, on the verge of death, and brought here to recuperate. A little plant food, sun and rain and they look healthy again. Love it.

Coreopsis and Asiatic Lilies

And last, but definitely not least..the cats have been having a great old time watching birds this summer. If they were humans, they'd be addicted to tv! It's so cute to see Farrah cackle at the birds with her tiny little voice. The other two don't do that, they just watch with big, saucer shaped eyes as the goldfinches eat their seed only a few feet from their faces.

Traffic jam at the bird-watching window