Tuesday, July 05, 2011

No Justice for Caylee Anthony!

After hearing the verdict today, exonerating the mother of precious little Caylee Anthony, I felt absolutely nauseous. Justice just wasn't served! I truly believe in karma, and one day, Casey Antony will face up to what I believe she did..kill her daughter and toss her out like trash!

The Casey Anthony case has been going on for a couple years. When it all started, I was living in Florida, where it was broadcast in great detail, everywhere. I followed the whole thing from start to finish, trying to understand something so very impossible to understand...how could a mother do this to her child?! I thought child abusers were the lowest possible life forms around, but child murderers - and specifically this one - well, there's a special place in Hell for them.

Not having children of my own, I don't know what it's like to be a mother and feel the loss of a child, but Casey was no mother. If I had had a child who went missing, I would've been hysterical. Not Casey. She didn't bat an eye at her daughter dying/being lost, and went partying like some rockstar bimbo wannabe, getting bad tattoos and just forgetting she'd ever had a little girl. She just tuned out the fact that the child was dead, and lied through her teeth about her to anyone who asked! Amazing. How can someone who gave birth to a child be so heartless?? It is beyond my understanding.

For someone without a job and making an art of sponging off of family and friends, Casey Anthony couldn't afford a nanny. Duh. She must have pulled such a hoax on everyone she knew (either that or they were dumber than a box of rocks) to believe that she had a nanny taking care of her child! She was pompous and self-righteous, mad at her parents for asking about Caylee. The same people who bought her a car and let her live under their roof apparently rent free. The same father who got accused of molesting her. She just used everyone for her own needs, as if they owed it to her.

Now that it looks like Casey is going to go back to being the (free) shallow, soulless narcissist that she is, she now stands to profit on her daughter's death, which adds insult to injury to those like myself who believe that she is guilty as sin. She threw her entire family under a bus during trial, trashed the name of a poor lady with the same name as the fictitious nanny, and now she gets to be free to be her same idiot self again..but this time with money to profit from her evil deeds! Where is the justice? No wonder the jury isn't wanting to be identified. They know it wasn't the right verdict..she is guilty!!

Rest in Peace, dear Caylee. At least you are no longer with this cold-blooded, heartless monster. We will remember you, and hope that justice is later served for that vile creature - not worthy of being called a mother - who gave birth to you. She will quickly shed her frumpy court attire for high heels and revealing street-walker attire, so she can get sloppy drunk and hang out with whomever is dumb enough to befriend her. She used up all her old friends and now has to find some more morons to replace them. Hold onto your purses, girlfriends..she could steal checks and drain your bank account..what a "friend"!

Karma, Casey. It WILL catch up with you. Have fun dodging all the people who saw right through your lies and now want to give you a piece of their minds..they are a furious, immense group of people. They're everywhere. You'll probably wish you were back in jail. Public, she's all yours!

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