Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Packing Marathon Continues

Later in the month will be moving time, so I'm in a packing marathon until then. It's going pretty well. The older I get, the easier I tire out, but don't let it stop me. It's exercise! Starting early is the best option, so I can plan it out and not hurry too much. It looks like a warehouse in here! I plan on moving the most fragile, light things myself, and let the movers handle the rest.

Years ago, I lifted everything, moved myself at times, and didn't let anything stop me. King-sized mattresses, cabinets, whatever. Then, my back went out. The doctor told me that heavy lifting contributed to my back troubles, which were severe enough to last for a few years. Now that my back has been healing well, I am not taking any chances. No more pressing my luck. It's not worth being crippled with back pain again. So, I'll pack the heck out of these boxes and let the big, young men I hire to carry it all.

The anticipation of the move wakes me up at night. Ceiling fans are installed in the house now, and I'll be bringing more fans as well to keep the place as cool as possible. I can't wait to have a big kitchen with lots of beautiful cabinets, no more large flights of steps to go up (to get to my current place)! All sorts of space, storage, windows and plumbing that actually works just fine! And, hookups for laundry, unlike this place. I'll gladly forego the air-conditioning (that I currently have in the old place) for a better all-around place (with no A/C). I can always get A/C later if I really want it.

The cats are having a blast playing in and around all the boxes. Matisse finds it really fun to pick up packing peanuts and carry them around the apartment, meowing as he walks. Beau likes to look for Matt among the boxes. Unknowingly, I created a cat fun-house, which is great. The two cats get to know eachother while playing among all the boxes.

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