Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Busy July

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It's a lovely July here in Amish country, Geauga County, Ohio! By now I am nearly settled into my house, which is total HEAVEN compared to my former apartment, which had endless problems of different kinds. This house is fast becoming a sanctuary for not only me but the cats as well. There is loads of room to move around, a decent and working kitchen, windows everywhere, gardens and great neighbors. Thank you, God!

There are still boxes left to unpack but the pile is much smaller than previously. Now I can divide my time between working and unpacking. The cats run around the place, playing and watching out all the windows. I planted a small garden (a bigger one will come later when I'm more able and less distracted), bought some gorgeous potted plants for the front patio area and in a few days, will take delivery of a new breakfast nook (table and two big benches) for my kitchen. Things are moving along nicely.

Driving by my old place on the way to my parents' house, I feel such a surge of relief. No more walking up a merciless bank of 24 steps (with no landing to break the work to climb all of them). No more HORRIBLE kitchen, dark rooms, pine floors that damage easily, and most of all, NO more monthly invoices (that they said they sent but almost never came). The landlords half-heartedly fixed things around there but the AC never worked well, I almost never had hot water and the kitchen sink drain was basically unusable. Other drains weren't all that great, either. Good riddance. They thought their place was a palace, I thought it was Hell. Let someone else have it with my blessings. They wanted me to stay. I couldn't wait to vacate. And now it's done! Woohoo! Life is good. No, life is GREAT.

Now comes the task of getting new items to grace all the extra square footage I now have. It's fun searching antique stores and such for items and furniture. I'm pretty good at bargaining good deals and got the lovely nook for a real steal of a price. My tastes are expensive so it can be frustrating at times to see items such as extremely pricey antiques that I cannot afford but whenever I really want something, I usually get it eventually. It's all priorities and motivation.

Beau sings happily in the stairwell landing upstairs as I write this. He and Matisse have fun running up and down the stairs, chasing toys and eachother. Their fav room though is the kitchen. I frequently find them sleeping in chairs next to their favorite window, close by one another. They have become buddies during and since the move. They're both in their element.

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