Saturday, June 04, 2011

Getting Ready to Move to a New House

My place looks like a warehouse as I prepare to move! It's pretty exciting to go to a house with more windows, square footage, gardens, a fireplace and more. It has a larger kitchen and bathroom, and there's natural light throughout the whole place. It doesn't have a refrigerator or other major appliances aside from a very old stove, but I'll deal with those issues later. At least I have my own mini-fridge and a water cooler for the time being. The end result will be worth the temporary sacrifices that I'm going through now.

The cats are getting along better every day. Matisse, my beautiful new kitty, is a sweetheart and loves playing. Beau growls at him from time to time but it's just for show. He actually likes him and looks for him when he's not around. They will like the new house, full of stairs to chase eachother on, windows to look at birds through and closets to check out. So, they have fun with the boxes, unaware of the positive change that's coming for all of us. I want to make the transition as smooth as possible, so they will not be too afraid when the move happens. They will be kept in the bathroom while the movers are here, and taken to the bathroom of the new place, so they won't have to be around the craziness on moving day. The less insanity, the better for creatures of habit who like as much order in their lives as possible.

As for me, I'm doing ok, just dealing with a bit of financial strain as I pour my money into this new adventure. I don't mind cutting back on shopping when I'll have a great new place to show for it later. There will be time for shopping later. For now, I'm arranging services to be turned on at the new location, the old ones discontinued. I'll have a different cable company and phone number where I'm going, only a few miles from where I live now. I think Time Warner was incredibly overpriced anyways, the new cable rates are better..hope the services are. Time will tell.

Next week, movers will hopefully be hired, as I look to find reasonable rates. I have an Amish crew in mind, but they need to return my call. With them, all I do is rent the truck and they are paid by the day..much cheaper than conventional movers. I pray that they call me back and confirm that they are ok with the date and will help me. I just have to wait and see. So many unknowns in moving!

The new house won't have air conditioning, but I'm having ceiling fans installed, and will bring many fans. It's an old home, somewhere around 130 years old, with character that young homes just don't have. I don't mind the sacrifice, and hope that once the windows are opened up and the mini-blinds pulled up that the air will circulate nicely. My parents live in an 1832 house that doesn't have a/c and it's cool in there. Love these old homes.

I will get the keys soon, and when I do, I'll start taking smaller boxes on my own. It will feel so good to start the move, even in small amounts, until the movers come in mid-July. One step at a time :)

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