Sunday, June 11, 2017

Setting Up My New Online Store

My new store, independent from Zazzle, is now underway. It's a huge job but I work on it in pieces. Every day more is accomplished, as I peck away at it. Being a "Type A" personality and a perfectionist, it has to be done right.

My new store is going to carry items not available at my Zazzle stores and will be mostly clothing for now. As time goes by, other new items will be added, as it's a work in progress.

So, I'm taking knowledge from my past in retail to construct this business. From a boyfriend from long ago, who was my mentor and ran a large business. He died a few years ago, so his memory is in my heart as I work. He taught me how to do most aspects of business from marketing and trade shows to the mail room. As a young woman, still a teen and into my twenties I had side jobs in big retail stores, from clerk to accounting. I ran my freelance business too, traveling interstate to do shows.

In the last twenty years, I moved my business online. My Zazzle stores are running OK as usual, but I want to expand and grow more.

My businesses are my "babies", so behind each store is my passion, stress, frustrations and excitement. I love what I do..and the fact that my cats sleep around me while my marathons are going on. Big pot of coffee by my side and TV on in the background (it calms my easily frayed nerves).

So, stop by my new store at
and take a look around. It's full of my own colorful designs on high quality clothes and more! Bring your friends, too. Welcome and enjoy!  :)