Thursday, June 01, 2017

No Pain, No Gain

With the start of any new business venture comes growing pains but also excitement. It's business as usual at my existing stores. I'm adding a new, independent retail  venue. Gulp.

Planning a new store takes time. What I wouldn't give to hire an uber tech savvy guru to do it for me, but without the budget for that, I'm doing it myself. I'm doing everything on my own, as always

Over twenty years ago, I learned how to use computers. I was really enthusiastic about it, taking courses and data entry temp jobs to aquire knowledge and experience. Being a self-employed artist, I did my artwork when I wasn't working on the computer.
In time, I learned to write code, construct websites and more.

Each time I learned tough new tasks, it stressed me to the moon and back. Being nervous to the max and having little emotional support, I went at it head-on. It drove me nuts for awhile until it became easier and more fun with practise.

So now, I'm learning newer, better ways to run my business. Ways to make it run more efficiently and be completely automated. I have my previous knowledge as a solid foundation, but there is much more to learn. It's all about keeping up with the times, staying competitive and growing my brand among the big boys...large and small retailers who have bigger budgets and staff to help them. My staff, so to speak, are three sleepy white cats.

So, once again, I throw myself, kicking and (virtually) screaming, into my work. Tackling one issue at a time. My businesses are my "babies". They take nurturing, growing and coddling. When times change, for example when the economy is struggling, it takes more work. But when all is well, I just concentrate on the fun part (drawing new artwork) and let my stores run themselves.

So, despite a low budget, bundle of nerves deep down and cats as "staff", all is fine. I've done this growth thing before and I'm doing it again. Things worth doing don't come easy, but are worth the hard work in the end. I got this.