Thursday, January 08, 2009

The New Year is Here

As for me, I feel good in general, and have done some good things for myself in this new year. I am buying a used but trustworthy car with cargo space to do art shows with. I haven't done any in awhile but now that gas isn't through the roof it's more attractive to do shows and explore new places while doing so. I like going far away, interstate, to meet people of different cities and towns. The car will be paid off in a few months, if not sooner so I am looking forward to being mobile again. I got rid of my other car because it wasn't reliable anymore, good riddance. I think this new year will be a lot more adventurous, and it's nice connecting with customers from time to time through shows, too.

The cats are here at my feet, relaxing. Every now and then they come by to be petted, then go back to sleep again.

Another thing new to life recently is this cell phone of mine. I broke down and got one, and it's nice, but I have to learn all its functions. I have no idea how to text but will figure that out, along with all the other bells and whistles of this thing. It's fun conquering new technology AFTER I've figured it out. Until then, it's just a bit of trial and error. I had a cell phone awhile back but this one is so much more complex, how times change things for the better in the end, though. It's important to keep in with the times, and not get too left behind by modern tech things, since it all evolves so much. So, the cellphone is a welcome addition and will make life much easier..until the next new fangled gadget comes along.

Be Good to Me by Tina Turner
She's a brilliant survivor and an inspiration to all women.

Piel Morena by Thalia
An upbeat and lively song I used to listen to a lot when I lived in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

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