Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Enjoying Cold Wintery Days at Home

Without the internet at home, I'm enjoying some much needed time off for awhile. It's cold and wintery here in the Snow Belt of Ohio, with a thick blanket of snow outdoors. I just keep the house nice and warm, and settle in to work on artwork, making jewelry and wreaths, with the cats piled around me and a fresh pot of coffee always within reach. The solitude helps me to concentrate and de-stress, and I like it. When I get eager to talk to others, I go to the library or the coffeehouses nearby and use the internet there. Works fine for me for the time being.

It's been a busy November, between organizing things in my house, making my office more efficient and making a multitude of crafts. My online stores are doing ok, it's just not as good as last year due to my having to cut my commissions way down to stay competitive. Ugh. Still, customers come, from every corner of the world. It feels good knowing that my work is appreciated by people. Thank you to my customers, wherever you are. I am very grateful to all of you.

My parents are happy and doing fine. They have a new kitten who is just precious, only a few weeks old, found outside all alone. They feed it kitten formula and he sleeps and likes to stay in his basket (a giant Easter basket with a handle, lined with fleece and kitten toys). His own little playland. And he's with mom all of the time. The cuteness is so overwhelming, love it.

This is German Stollen season, the time of year when German bakeries make this incredible bread filled with raisins, nuts and ground up fruit. Heaven. In the past I used to order a case of it from the German Deli (online), but a few years ago I discovered that it is sold here locally at Aldi's and even Big Lots has them at this time of year. My favorite kinds are the marzipan and/or rum. I bought a couple loaves of marzipan Stollen this time and have been having a slice every morning with coffee. Very satisfying. My favorite brands are Kuchenmeister and Deutche Kuche. They don't have chunks of citron in them like some other brands do (citron, yuck!). If they use it, it's ground up and added to the dough. Dad too has the same aversion to citron. Anyways, Stollen is wonderful. Sometime I will try to make my own. I like to make bread when the weather gets cold.

So, I'm sticking around home, enjoying this time of year. My feeders are loaded with goldfinches, woodpeckers (downy, hairy, red-bellied). My cats spend their time (especially little Farrah!)glued to the bird action outdoors. Farrah presses her nose up to the glass when any bird comes by. The feeders are very close to the windows and in her mind, she's a fierce hunter stalking her prey. It's cute watching her. The other two get bored with it faster then go watch tv. I have a house full of couch potatoes, lol.

Well, time to go home and get back to my offline work. Later! :)