Friday, October 04, 2013

Glad to Get My Car Back From the Mechanic

My car is finally home, at last! After stressing out over everything, it feels good knowing that the car is now home, in my driveway, safe and sound. Now, to pay off the $1850 repair bill, so much for spending money for quite awhile, I'll be making some steep payments. Oh well, my car is ok, and I'll deal with it. I brought my dad with me, and the mechanic explained to us exactly what was done, showed me the manifold he replaced and it sounded legit, still, I don't know. Did it need to be done? Can't say. So, I made payment arrangements and we left. Glad that's over with. If the darned thing breaks again, it can just sit for six months, until I pay off the previous repairs. Most expensive repair and most evasive mechanic (doesn't like to answer questions, blows me off) I've ever had. I'm officially done with car expenses for awhile. Got gas, my license sticker and that's enough. Thank you to my dear parents, for helping me out. I was glad to have dad with me for moral support. A man's presence does indeed help, so it seems. Always did in the past, too. This car has been very good to me. I'd rather fix this than go out and get something else. Payments are going to take awhile, $300 per month. Steep. My heart gets palpitations just thinking about it. This experience has been torturous to me. No respect and I just hope and pray that the car is really fixed.

So, I'm busy designing lunch boxes tonight. After getting the car, my parents and I went to Heinen's grocery store and I got my groceries. Felt good to get them because without a car, I just hunker down and don't ask. One friend chose to take me once, but I don't want to impose and ask again. Thanks to all who offered to help, it's so nice knowing there are people who care. Anyways, I went home, unpacked, grabbed the package of Chips Ahoy cookies (haven't bought those in years) and headed upstairs to my office, where I am now.

In college, my friends and I used to pull all-nighters, studying or doing our art assignments in the RIT dorms with packs of Chips Ahoy (one pack each), a huge bag of M & M's, and a bunch of 2-liter bottles of Tab or Diet Coke. Disgusting, a festering cocktail of nasty chemicals and sugar I know, but to us back then, it was heaven and we had great metabolisms to handle it. Well, I had a few cookies tonight, as I sit at the computer, with a cup of coffee. I reached my limit very quickly. Blah, heartburn. Guess I'm not twenty anymore. Oh well, it was fun. Now I'm having an Alka-Seltzer chaser. Getting old sucks, lol.

So, tonight, I'm jacked up on sugar and caffeine and will be making lunch boxes all evening. Fun stuff! I can finally unwind from this week of unbelievably high stress. There's still lots to worry about (where are my steady sales, Zazzle? and the leaving of one of the main people at Z headquarters got me worrying, too). But I'm going to put it all aside and work. I can't fix certain things, so I just need to get more educated on marketing and work hard on my designs/stores.

So, my goal is to unwind, make more money doing my work, and if Zazzle continues to give me disappointing sales, up my marketing for my products. And if all else fails, start doing holiday art shows. It's fun to talk to customers, get feedback and get out of the long as the car is ok. I'm not set up for it (no merchandise at hand, will have to make jewelry and buy store products from Z) and I need diplays. If I don't look professional, it'll have to wait until I get the right equipment. So much to do. A friend offered to loan me money but I declined, though the thought was so kind. I hate owing anyone, one reason payments to the mechanic are so stressful. I especially don't want to owe friends or family. It's ok, it's a puzzle to figure out and it will be done..somehow. Still working on it. So far, most important bills are paid ok.

It's a comfortable, warm October! I actually have my windows wide open. Matisse is sleeping in his chair next to my recliner here in the office, his feet and whiskers are twitching as he dreams of catching things. He's a big pile of white fur..on a big pile of white fluff (chair cushion is white and furry). His serenity makes me feel good. The cats don't know stress or worry. And they are happy. I'm doing something right.