Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Holiday Season is Now Here

It's now late November. Thanksgiving and Black Friday have now passed, and Cyber Monday is now approaching. I really don't like shopping in crowds so I have been home, working on making products for my store and digesting wonderful turkey leftovers.

It was a very memorable Thanksgiving with mom and dad here at my house. Finally free of Thanksgivings at that snobby, rude and nasty lady's house (her daughter and husband were nice but she was just terrible). It's so wonderful to have my parents to myself, spending quality time without fighting or socializing with others. Something we haven't had the chance to do on Thanksgiving in over ten years, at least. And the food this year was far superior to previous years elsewhere. As a team, the three of us chopped, assembled, made pies, and everything else to create a feast beyond description. Dad made his mother's pumpkin pie recipe, mom overseed the stuffing and turkey. I helped make stuffing, stuffed the turkey and made a ton of mashed potatoes. Nothing was burned and it all was perfect!

Now, I have a refrigerator full of amazing leftovers, as do my parents. We split it all up so they could take half when they went home. The cats didn't care to eat much of anything. Matt had a little turkey but Beau was totally uninterested as usual and had his canned food instead. Nobody went hungry, we all ate our fair share and are continuing to do so, even a few days later.

It's amazing how controlled mom was, I am so proud of her for not being angry and overly domineering. The meds she takes help for sure. She was bossy but that's not too bad. I respect her knowledge on cooking, as she's an amazing cook. She even started getting out of control with her attitude but somehow, miraculously roped herself back in! She was more respectful and able to hear other views than her own. I nearly cried it was such a step in the right direction. I am very thankful for this, along with all of us being in good health. We all have a lot to be thankful for. This first Thanksgiving in my house was a total success.

Now I'm back to making products for my store, putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house in general for Christmas. The homemade wreath I made is on the front door, the mantle of the fireplace is decorated with garland, candles and other sparkly, festive items such as candleholders, poinsettia and more. I ordered window candles that should come this week, to finish my decorating off, and give this house that extra holiday flavor. Mom and dad thought of the same thing and got window candles for thier house, too. We all decorate with our pets' safety in mind, as cats think decorations are playtoys most of the time. So far, so good!

Matt and Beau have been enjoying themselves. They hang out in front of the fireplace or under the Christmas tree, enjoying the lights. As for me, the ambience is so wonderful. I love it when the living room and kitchen have decorative touches and lovely warm lighting to make them glow. Bouquets of very realistic silk flowers I assembled earlier in the month are here and there to add touches of color to it all. It's all good.

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