Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Joy of Autumn

It's glorious Fall here in Northeastern Ohio, and I love it! The trees are coloring up so beautifully here in the country. It looks like a pastoral country postcard here with rolling hills and various colors of foliage and purple asters everywhere. I turned the heat on here in the house recently, and bought a lovely fireplace insert so now I have a lovely and safe "fire" in the fireplace. My cat Matisse loves to sleep in one of the recliners next to the fireplace every day. Both him and Beau are fascinated and get mesmorized by the flames. It's so cute to see.

As for me, this is my busy season, non-stop drawing and designing products for my online store, Two Purring Cats Clothing & Gifts. Right now I'm designing covers for Blackberry Curve, Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone. It's fun but there's MANY to do so I am working on it pretty much 24/7 right now, with a cat on either side of me while the marathon goes on.

This weekend I will pry myself away from my work to plant many, many bulbs in my garden. Tulips and Anenomes, mostly. It will be so pretty in the spring, I hope they prosper and grow like crazy in the soil here. There is much to do in the garden. Whenever I work on it, the cats sit in the windows overlooking it and watch. Cat TV. It's cute to look up and see them there. Being deaf and housecats, they don't go outside but don't seem to care about that. Both of them are content watching tv, being wherever I am and meowing loudly in the stairwell just for the heck of it (especially early in the morning..like roosters crowing). I have opera cats! :D

I finally bought a new refrigerator, so for the first time since I got this house, I have a large-sized fridge to use, instead of the dorm room sized cube fridge that is now upstairs in my office there. It feels so good to shop in the stores now, and not needing to worry about squishing my groceries into a tiny space! The new fridge is a dream, so glad it's here!

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