Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Spring is Coming to NorthEast Ohio

After months of snow, grey skies and slush, it's so nice to see the sun out again! Slowly, Northeast Ohio is thawing out from a pretty tough winter. It's not warm yet but the pancake breakfasts are starting up here in my town, which always means Spring isn't too far away.

Normally, my parents and I have gone to West Geauga High School for our yearly trek to the pancake breakfasts there. This year we decided to go to one of the breakfasts here in downtown Burton so we chose Burton's High School. It was great! We were given not only pancakes and real maple syrup but waffles and a lot of great sausage too. We ate like pigs, of course. It's tradition, you just have to.

Nothing beats real maple syrup. Our town is full of it, and there's a maple syrup (production) cabin right in the town square. They really make it there, and even tap the nearby maple trees too. I sure missed all of this when I was in Florida for ten years. It sure feels good to be home in Ohio.

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