Thursday, February 10, 2011

A New Month Begins and Happy Chinese New Year!

It's February, very cold and snowy so far! I'm busy drawing, learning my new graphics software program and drinking a whole lot of coffee from the comfort of my office. Solitude is good for producing artwork, I just hunker down and work a marathon most days, until my eyes and mind wear out. Heavy concentration makes me very tired because I put my heart and soul into what I do. After awhile, the brain starts to turn to mush..this is when it's time to rest.

Last month our products were at the gifting suite for celebrities during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah! Representatives from the Indie Exhibit went and manned the booths. Here is Michael Vartan from "Alias" holding one of my calendars:

Actor Michael Vartan from 'Alias' holding our calendar at Sundance

I'm planning new venues for promotion in the meantime, figuring out what items to send and which events best suit my work. Lots to figure out, so I take it in small pieces, figuring it out one part at a time.

Another issue on my "to do" list is getting my teeth fixed. Once again, major dental work is in my future. Having no dental insurance, it's extremely expensive. My dental work will probably fund the dentist's kid's college education. UGH. There's nothing like paying big bucks for pain, suffering and torture. Enough said. I had to vent, after 40 it's been all downhill for my teeth from there, so I continue the battle to get them fixed.

It won't be long now before spring comes..can't wait to see the flowers, budding trees and go to pancake breakfasts! Until then, I'm taking my parents out for a Chinese New Year celebration, complete with the dancing dragon, at a local Chinese restaurant. That will be a lot of fun. I've been to these things in the past and it was so wonderful to see the event in all its colorful and cultural glory.

Chinese Symbol for Happy Chinese New Year (恭禧發財)
Happy Chinese New Year!
How to say Happy Chinese New Year in Chinese?
The most common Chinese ways of saying Happy New Year are Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin) and Gong Hey Fat Choy (Cantonese). Even though the pronunciations are a little different, both are written the same way.