Monday, February 01, 2010

My New Website is Up and Running

It's been a busy month here at my studio, as I tackle a few different projects at once.
First of all, I have a new website (yes, I broke down and got myself a site and domain)! It's a work in progress as I keep updating it but here is what it looks like so far:

So far, the site shows some of my many products and a pictorial backround on me. It will have much more content of different kinds, as I go along.

Other recent products are going to be given out to the celebrities at the ESPY awards held in the near future at the Playboy mansion in California. I'm busy assembling the products that will be sent there, as someone will be there for me, I'm not going.

Here's a few photos given to me by mom over the weekend, from the past..

Note the very big hair, lol.

Here's a few from my Mexico days:

I am gladly out of the tropical heat now, firmly planted back in Ohio. It is wonderful to be home. It feels good to slow down and stay put for a change. I love small town life. NO drama, craziness (the polar opposite of living in Florida) and horse stables everywhere. I will start riding again when I have the time. For now, it's non-stop work on my business, which I really enjoy doing.