Friday, November 30, 2007

The last day of training for a new home agent job

My hometown, Cleveland, Ohio from a popular section called the Flats.

I'm here in Florida, missing my parents back in the burbs of Cleveland, and working like crazy, studying for a test. Changing day jobs during the holidays is a bit of a challenge but worth the work. The great thing about being a home agent and artist, is that I can work from home doing both, and save time/gas by eliminating rush hour and other commuting nightmares. Ok, I miss out on things like company parties and get togethers or every day camaraderie with co-workers, but it's helped to keep me focused. I have people in the art world that I do business with, and work, well, it is all by phone and internet. Other people rely heavily on their cars for work, I rely on my computer. If it gave up on me, I'd freak, so it is maintained within an inch of it's electronic life, as well as backed up by two others.

Having switched home agent jobs for a better and mroe prestigious offer, I am now in training for my new job, after taking a bunch of clearance, drug and other tests. Now, it's on to the book phase, which I enjoy. We must take many company paid courses, and to me it's all great education. This is the last day of my first round of training, all done through the phone, IM and their website. It's very comprehensive, and today is the final test. I'm surrounded by banking policies and security measures, along with a long list of other other heavy duty topics that we must know upside down and backwards since we'll be handling people's money for a living. It's a job of responsibility and a lot better than my old day job of three years, that is going down in flames in a spectacular fashion. Good companies grow, the bad ones just die off from poor management.

During all of this, I am deep in production, doing a bunch of drawings for a valued illustration client. It's so fun to be able to do two drastically different jobs, from both sides of the brain. It keeps life interesting and me motivated. Life is good, and it'll be better (I hope) once this exam is done. Then, it's on to another course and a bunch of new tests...

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