Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Fond Goodbye to my Blackie, the Best Cat Ever

YBlackie Y

My furry little soulmate, Blackie died yesterday, peacefully in his sleep. He was here at home with me at his side. Wondering where the heck their buddy went are his two cat buddies, Fluffy (longhaired black) and Beau (longhaired white). My feline family is grieving the loss of a larger-than-life cat, who travelled with me to foreign countries, across the United States and was a seasoned food connoisseur. He was the light of my life, and saw me through boyfriends and a husband. His loyalty continued throughout it all.

During his rapid health decline, I did everything in my power to make him as comfortable and at peace. His little body just closed down as he slept next to me. I am sick with grief but am comforted with the fact that he's no longer dealing with the hyperthyroidism that eventually killed him. He'd lived well with it for a long time, but within a ten hour period, his health suddenly declined and he died. He loved everyone, and everyone loved him. This cat knew how to live, love and to eat..and eat. Rest in peace, my sweet Black.

Here is an article about my beautiful Blackie, detailing his life further:

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