Saturday, August 25, 2007

People Who Hurt or Kill Animals Need to go to Jail and Stay There.

Beau and his sister were abused and abandoned as kittens, and rescued from the pound soon before they were to be euthanized!! Their wonderful foster family (whom I met via a great website called ( ) brought him to me from two states away, and he will never know violence again. Together we saved two very grateful (and now, very spoiled) cats (they kept his sister, who is gorgeous, just like him) :)

ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Resource Center

After reading about that case with dog torturer and killer, Mr.Vick, I am glad he is getting what's coming to him. I'm not a dog person but think anyone who treats loving, trusting and innocent animals of any kind is a cowardly criminal with a serious need to feel powerful. So pathetic. We need to teach our children to respect animals, so they will grow up to be kind and respectable adults. I hope they throw Vick in prison, and develop stronger laws for anyone who hurts or kills dogs or cats. I'm not a fanatic, just someone who has spent my life with animals and wildlife, and cannot imagine anyone being so heartless and cruel like this.

The ASPCA is a great organization that fights for everyday rights of animals of different kinds. It's free and quick to be a part of their different lobbying campaigns to help our loving pets from morons like these. Help the animals and sign up with them, it's free and all they do is occaisionally send an email that you click on and send back, and they send a letter to your local Congressman to vote for specific anti-cruelty issues. It's real issues, not raising heck over silly stuff. Your word does count. I have recieved many letters from the government saying bills I back actually passed. It's a good thing.

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