Sunday, July 02, 2006

The cats of Two Purring Cats Design Studio

Welcome to our studio website. We are Two Purring Cats Studio, a design studio and internet gift shop (see our store at: ). More on it in a moment..
It is named after the cats who reside there, Blackie & Fluffy..then I added another one..Beau..but didn't feel like changing the name of the business, the stationary,business cards, Two Purring Cats Design Studio it is (plus one). Meet the furry mascots:

This is Beau, the young computer cat. He is deaf, a whiz at Photoshop and is really a bundle of fun. He's full of energy, loves to sing (at the top of his lungs, spontaneously, for no reason).
He works for cheap..Fancy Feast, Purina One kibble, and catnip.

This here is Blackie, 15 years young, well-travelled and spends his free time either begging for food (even if he just ate) or playing with his toys. He's a good boy, and loves everyone. And as much food as he can eat. His favorites are Krispy Kreme donuts, Starbucks Caramel Frappucino and Stouffers' macaroni & cheese. Oh, cat food is ok, too.

And this is Fluffy, my resident "cool cat". He's nearly thirty pounds (we have him on a strict diet but he doesn't lose weight) and a certified couch potato. Oh, and he likes my guitar (sleeping next to it). He's the furry "man in black", he walks the line.

Pet Finder helps find homes for stray and abandoned pets.

Check out my lens you Squidoo?

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